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May 13, 2019
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May 20, 2019
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Book Four in the series is…DONE! It’s revised, edited, and, once it’s proofread, I’ll be ready to send it into the big, scary world.

Why scary if I’ve already published three books?

My editor and beta readers have convinced me to look for an agent and go the traditional publishing route this time. So far, I’m compiling lists of agents, getting ideas of what kinds of things they like, want, and have successfully sold in the past, and polishing up my query letter.

What I’ve found out so far is there aren’t a lot of superhero books that belong definitively in the “adult” group. The trilogy certainly doesn’t; this next book, which focuses on the lives of two fan-favorite side characters, is not much different in terms of type of content. So, as with most things, it’s time for yet more research.

Beyond that, since I’ve already selected two “dream” agents and sent off the queries, there’s going to be a lot of patience necessary to the process. I’m a yoga teacher; patience is something I teach. Having said that, patience isn’t exactly my strong suit with some things.

I HAVE, however had lots of experience publishing shorter pieces in smaller literary journals and anthologies. Even they take a long time to respond to submissions, and getting agents’ attention is even more competitive.

I also know from experience that this is something that’s going to take a lot of time, and that will require fairly thick skin. As with poetry and short story submissions, I’m expecting lots of “passes” before the book finds a home.

This also is going to take a good deal of luck: finding the right agent at the right time. So much of this process has to do with timing.

So, please wish me luck and Godspeed as I move ahead. I need all the good vibes I can get!

When Karen realized that flying an invisible jet and saving the day while wearing a swimsuit wasn’t a viable career path, she turned to teaching yoga and writing. She’s the author of a new superhero action romance trilogy, The Persistence of Memory, as well as several short stories and poems that have appeared in literary journals and anthologies. She has earned several writing awards, and earned her master’s degree in English in 1994.

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