Book Reviews

Self-Publishing Review—Book 1: Déjà vu:

“Romance and mystery fuse in this supernatural thriller that is perfectly timed for the tastes of today’s readers, but also touches on classic themes in multiple genres…[T]here are flashes of brilliance in the writing…It is this beauty in the prose that carries the book, even with a riveting story and unique take on the superhero genre.”

The Prairie’s Book Review—Book 1: Déjà vu:

Readers will experience heightened tension in this first installment of the fantasy romance series as shocking mystery unfolds, leading to a heartfelt climax. Janowsky skillfully reveals the duo’s intricately complex attraction to each other, allowing their romance to develop with sensuality.”

The Prairie’s Book Review—Whole Series:

“Skillful characterizations, heated romance, and a good dose of fantasy… Janowsky delivers an exciting series!”

Amazon Customer—Book 1: Déjà vu :

"Karen Janowsky’s debut novel and the first of her trilogy, “The Persistence of Memory,” is a beautiful story and, in my opinion, something totally new in a crowded field of superhero stories; an adult work of fiction that takes the characters seriously… “Déjà vu” is a remarkable and gorgeously crafted debut novel. Ms. Janowsky solves the Rubik’s cube of how to blend the science fiction, superhero, fantasy and romance genres seamlessly into a deeply satisfying story that won’t disappoint lovers of high-adventure or romance."